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# 1 Tau Dewa sector map revamp
01-10-2013, 06:00 PM
As someone who likes things to make sense, certain things bug me when they stand out, especially when it comes to maps.

STO was forced to launched under hurried circumstances, so I can understand why some things are in strange places. However some are just plain irritatingly wrong; such as Rator III being in Federation space (see signature below).

Along that line of thinking, the Tau Dewa sector block is wonky just like the hurried launch work. The locations of the systems just seem haphazardly thrown on the map - and don't make a lot of sense given the descriptions for most places. It looks like the entire sector could use a polishing pass to correct these errors.

I did some research (Memory Alpha, old TNG episodes, etc.) and made a map (see link) by swaping a lot of locations, placing the systems where they should be (or as close as possible) given the information I was able to dig up and using the in-game descriptions themselves. So Federation systems are now in Federation space, Klingon systems are in Klingon space, Romulan systems are in Romulan space, and places like Nimbus (from Star Trek V) are now more accurately placed according to Star Trek lore.

Here's the map I came up with:

This is a list of all system moves required:
(please see post #8 below for a list of reasons for the moves)
Khitomer to Beta Thoridor
Nimbus to Azure Nebula
Starbase 234 to Carraya
Carraya to Nimbus
Azure to Starbase 234
Archer system to Japori
Japori to current Khitomer
Beta Lankal to Pheban
Pheban to Archer
Narendra to Beta Lankal
Gamma Eridon ro Narendra
Beta Thoridor to Gamma Eridon
(The names of the current Sector squares would have to be changed because of new locations of their primary systems.)

Two things to mention about this revamp; One - the locations of two of the most historically important systems on this map, Khitomer and Narendra, could be flipfloped with one another. Both were outposts along the Klingon/Romulan border and both were close to Federation space (Worf origin/peace accords, 'Yesterday's Enterprise' storylines respectively). Two - the mission text in the Archer system would have to be slightly modified to explain why Romulan warbirds have to be saved from Tholians at a Federation colony world.

I'd really like some input on the corrected locations. Do they make sense? And if so, when can we see a 'fix' to the sector in an upcoming patch.
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