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Approaching lvl 40 (tactical) and I am torn between what ship to get. I got a Mirror Qin from a lockbox (in case my ship choice goes south), so I am looking at either the Hegh'ta or the Vo'quv. Both have aspects I like, but I am looking for some outside perspective as to what is better for me.
As a Tactical officer, I think the Quin would be more fun at 40. What's better for you is entirely subjective, but here's what I did to what I think was good effect.

By lvl 40 I also had the Mirror Quin Raptor. Other than outward appearance the difference between our version is that they drop a tac duty ensign slot in exchange for an ensign engineer. This subtle difference makes for what I saw as structural bonus in terms of consoles and skills, and best of all - it doesn't cost 120K in dilithium

I built several variations as I started the inevitable grind for dilithium with the space STF's. Ultimately it evolved into a very capable cannon/torp or cannon/mine build. The Tricobalt mine version was fun for a week, but got boring quickly. Seriously... tricobalts are like using dynamite to go fishing.... fun the first time, then after boring.

My Build (pre S7)

3x DHC Disruptors
1x Quantum Torpedo

2 Disruptor Turrets
1x Quantum Torpedo

3x Disruptor Induction Coils (Rare/Blue is fine, and cheap)
1x Zero Point QuantumnChamber (blue again)

1x armour (based on who I was fighting)
2x Neutronium or simular

As for the 2 science slots, these had rotating various consoles from Point Defence to shield emitters. I ended staying with point defence primarily.

Shield batteries
Engine Batteries

The skills focused primarily on cannon RF and Volley, HY and TS for torps, with boffs chosen accordingly.

This basic build worked very well until I could afford a LvL 50 purchase. I completed easily 100+ each on all STF's using this craft before I graduated to my Siege Garumba.

If I were to make any changes post S7, the Omega torpedo is an excellent choice.

Admiral Thrax

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