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Originally Posted by cliftona91 View Post
It was a touch choice between the Norgh Retrofit and the Hoh'sus, but I chose the Hoh'sus for the extra tac console and because I believed the Norgh was a death trap.

Now I may get one and alternate between the two for my Alpha Strike needs. Maybe invest in Photonic Shockwave instead of Tractor Beam 3
Just remember the iron rule: they work differently. The Hoh'sus is a far better straight damage dealer thanks to that extra tac console, but the Norgh gives you a wider selection of ways to apply damage-sometimes even ways to apply damage that you don't have available to use with the seating of a Hoh'sus, Hegh'ta, or B'rel, and they're GOING to handle differently over-all.

I run my Norgh as a Polaron/Plas-leech build with BO2 for the spike and DHC's with the turrets running CRF1 and 2 as "Prep", with two copies of APO, TT1 and TT2, HE2 and the rest being shield boosting EPS1 and 2, TSS1, and for the last bit, usually DEM2, which works fairly well in STF's, but is NOT a good layout for PvP.

Basically-done ALL THE WAY WRONG. for PvP builds, I'd recommend taking Thissler's advice in your setups over mine, but mine DOES push some nice DPS for farming, and lets me occasionally toss heals and shield buffing to teammates.

What you should NEVER do in a Norgh, is try to tank. It's a backstabber, not a brute, so I'd really recommend you focus your abilities on things that give you extra punch on single targets, and let the Fed, or that Raptor on your team, do the area-of-effect and mob aggro work. (i.e. for pve-let someone ELSE draw the mob, then you pick 'em off).
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