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01-10-2013, 06:43 PM
Given the number of fairly lengthy posts in the thread so far, I'll try to keep it short and sweet:

My biggest concern for your build.. is your power levels. Vesta is a science ship and therefor benefits greatly from catering towards Aux power.

With Aux DHCs, you can bypass the need to put any power into weapons, period. The vesta makes an excellent kinetic ship, load it up with torpedos and mines, save all that power for aux, shield and engines(in that order).

Furthermore with all the Aux power you 'should' be swimming in, you'll find yourself more than capable of keeping yourself alive with active heals.. while throwing down very potent debuffs and control abilities. Two, alternating, TTs(Tactical Team), EPtS(Emergency Power to Shields) and TSS(Transfer Shield Strength) will keep you alive for a very long time. Hazard Emitters will patch up bleedthrough hull damage and plasma burns. Plus, all but one of those abilities can be used to keep other ships around you alive.

One last note, swap out that Paratrinic Shield for a Regen Shield. Science ships naturally get a high shield modifier, so high cap shields are redundant. Furthermore, the high shield power you'll be running will make that extra regen even sweeter. If you still want a larger shield cap, you can use the abundant science console slots to bump that up.

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