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Born in Las Vegas, Kathryn did not aspire to join Starfleet as a child. Her family moved to the Galatea colony, but never made it. En route, the transport vessel was attacked by slavers and she was the only surviving Beringer, and sold on auction. She escaped as a teenager and found her way back to Earth. Joining Starfleet was the only way she could consider as a means to find the slaver guild and attempt to find justice. Kathryn discovered her passion for the Sciences and redirected her energies toward more peaceful goals. Yet, deep inside, she still harbors a hatred and intolerance for the intergalactic slave trade and will risk everything to stop the practice ... one slaver at a time.
Kathryn S. Beringer - The Dawn Patrol - Endless Excelsior - Veritatum Liquido Cernene

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