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Three STF in a row tonight failed.

Normally I can do three STF in one evening without failing on elite. These would be PUGs. I fly a variety of builds... all geared twords DPS and surviving plasma burn.

That said I know what works and does not work. All-cruiser teams with blue-novelty-phasers and FAW do not work. Boarding Party is useless. Spamming turrets everywhere helps nothing. Torpedo spread is a hazard.

Three PUG teams on elite. All cruisers. All with beam FAW, at least one ship with blue phasers per group if not more. Everyone spamming torpedo spread and boarding party shuttles... Not a single crowd-control effort to be seen.

I expect better than this on Elite Pugs. This is the kind of nonsense that I expect on NORMAL level. Losing one out of three STF wouldn't be all that bad, but to lose THREE because THREE groups of random people all decided to bring out griefing cruisers?

I expect better than that from the community at large. I really do. Lets get things clear right now: Don't bring novelty builds into Elite STF. Blue phasers have NO place in Elite STF. Learn to build correctly and don't come in planning to play "little tommy fool-about."

It's a good thing there are policies against shaming bad players, the list would have quite a few new members tonight.