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01-10-2013, 08:33 PM
Wow, that's an incredible amount of work you put into that, kudos.

It doesn't seem like a terribly likely ship, statwise though, and some of the various stats seem to be at crossed purposes. For instance, I would expect to see 4 eng and 4 sci consoles with 2 tacs rather than what you have listed in the 10 console design.

Sensor analysis makes some sense, but the design seems too engineering heavy for it to get the typically science oriented ability.

No laughing at your drawing ability, it far surpasses mine, but personally, I hate the look of ships with dorsal/ventral nacelles (and the 4 nacelle designs too tbh). They just look weird and ungainly. I actually always wanted to see a 4 nacelle design with them in a cross formation rather than 2 pairs port and starboard, that might actually look really good in my opinion.

All in all, its an interesting ship, I can't lie and say I think we'll ever see it ingame, but thumbs up on an incredible amount of thought.

edit: Actually it kind of reminds me of the drawings in the TOS era technical manual of Federation Headquarters, I can see it with the TOS era hull material and everything - and it looks good in my minds eye.

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