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01-10-2013, 07:47 PM
I've come to despise PUGs with a passion. Mostly because of 'tards that can't take five minutes to find a tutorial on the internet. Its not hard to find one that tells you how to build a half descent ship and how to do the STFs.

But these fools have been a problem for a year now and the rep system as made them come out of the woodwork. The worst part about all of it, the fools justify their builds by saying "But Elites reward more marks!!". Yeah they do...but if you can't run with the pack keep in the dog house. Wish players had to play 50 or so games in normal before they could enter an elite.

I have get a little joy out of this though. Its going to be a very long and painful grind up the rep system for them. Wish they didn't have to take others with them though.