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01-10-2013, 08:46 PM
Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
Or simply the fault of people not taking the time to look and read. The next Starbase Tier unlocks at 1.000 Starbase XP. It clearly says so. You only get Starbase XP by completing one of the upgrades (Fabricator, Comm, Shipyard). Nowhere it says that it will unlock with 10.000 Military, Science or Engineering XP.
Nowhere (that any of our fleet has been able to find) in-game does it say you have to get a single project category to 10K XP, and then complete a Starbase Special Project in order to THEN get another (undoubtedly huge) project to complete the actual base. Nowhere! You can't see ANY info on the Special Projects until you get the requisite 10K categorical XP, only then can you see what the Special Projects are even about.

Very poor information regarding this in-game, on the STOWiki and on STOAcademy, this forum is the only place we've been able to find any clear directive on what's involved in creating a Fleet Starbase. Would it be so hard to put an actual CLEAR "roadmap" in-game as to what's involved in getting from A to B to C?

Honestly, had we known how ridiculously long it would take a 5-person fleet of casual players to accomplish this, we never would have started it, probably why information is so pathetically scarce. 6 months and counting, still no Fleet Starbase. Tens of thousands of dilithium invested, thousands of resources, hundreds of DOffs, so far for zilch. Thanks, PW and Cryptic. For nothing.