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01-10-2013, 10:31 PM
Originally Posted by jornado View Post
I just dug out my issue of Game Informer that had a preview of STO long, long before release, complete with screenies and concept art of some ships in action.

Wow, just wow, some of those designs were sleek, sexy, and beautiful. And the original idea seemed to support full customization. Now, I'm sure the CBS licensing stuff is why we will never seem totally customizable ships, but surely Cryptic can go back into some of the old artwork and pull out a few awesome ship designs. There was a cruiser with a 29th century sleekness and a sort of rounded triangle primary hull that was just gorgeous beyond belief.

I support a move to more sleekness in new ship designs - the Fleet Regent model makes me want to curl up and die.
I agree, the whole evolution of starships over time in the Star Trek universe for the federation has constantly got leaner and sleaker. You got the constitution going to the Excelsior which was longer and sleaker than the small Constitution. Then you went to the bigger Ambassador which had angles and some sleekness to her it wasnt till the Galaxy class that we started to see large improvements in sleakness. You have the neck with this nice prowl like curve to it, you got the underbelly of the engineering hull under cut at the aft end. Then you got the Soverign that got even sleaker by removal of the neck connecting saucer to engineering hull but now for the Odyssey it seems like now we added a double neck and tried to keep the sleakness. Big reason why I want sleaker ships that look like their based off the Soverign and is a step forward before I put a F registry number on one.

While I love the older ships and they are great for use in fleet activities that we do I still want to see advance ships coming out cause I dont want to be flying a Galaxy X or Soverign 2 years from now. I want to upgrade over time just like starships would evolve over time.