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01-10-2013, 11:32 PM
Originally Posted by rjam0 View Post
The tactics that you're talking about prove to be quite effective indeed. The fact that you said 'possible counter to' tells me that you are well aware of other ways to prevent this tactic, why not try some of those?
First off, thanks for corroborating what I've been hearing.

Second, now that those fleets know that we know, they'd have to be pretty stupid to try using that tactic against us, Nadeon Detonator or no, wouldn't they?

Lastly, now that you've confirmed a potential ulterior motive for banning Nadeon Detonator you had better provide an answer to my original query: What exactly is the motivation behind the ban?

Originally Posted by rjam0 View Post
Forgive me if I am wrong but didn't Sad Pandas have a member of the Fleet in the conversation when these rules were decided? I find it hard to believe Mech Warriors is so engaging that it isn't possible to log off for a few moments to discuss the rules of the tournament?
I was at work, but I understand Biebs was there and left with a similar impression -- that some of the fleets couldn't give a hoot about balance and would rather push or oppose rules based on how they benefit themselves.

Originally Posted by rjam0 View Post
That would be absolutely devastating! I was so looking forward to potentially fighting one of the formerly best PvP Fleets in the game!
Let's keep the discussion about the rules. The results of the tournament will speak for itself.