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Hi Jennifer,

I realize you're getting bombarded right now with a lot of different options, but I also wanted to let you know about Zion Fleet.

We are primarily a Christian fleet, though being a Christian is NOT required for membership. We believe in treating all of our fleetmates, regardless of denomination or belief, in a kind and fair manner. That does mean we have standards of conduct towards each other--no cursing, belittling other players or their beliefs, being (politely, respectfully) honest, and not being crude. I can also attest to the fact that women are treated with respect in our fleet and do not have to worry about any sort of harassment.

We hold prayer meetings every few weeks. Attendance is not required, but we would consider it a privilege to have you.

There are people with diverse interests in the fleet. Some enjoy STFs, some like PVP, others of us are Foundry authors and fans, and some are just casual players. Our starbase is currently Tier II. While it's coming along slowly compared to some of the larger/more aggressive fleets, the reason is this: we do not pressure our members to contribute. We are simply grateful for anything you can provide and choose to provide, when it is convenient for you.

You can definitely make friends as a member of Zion Fleet. You'll also get to know people from other allied Christian fleets, through our shared Teamspeak channel.

We do have a website:

For me, though, the best part has been getting to know people through Teamspeak.

I hope you will come by and see us. If you do decide to join, the application is...on our website.

Finally--Please check out our short Foundry mission, Zion Fleet Orientation. It doesn't qualify for rewards, but it WILL give you a nice little look at our fleet and what we're like, and who to contact with various types of questions.

Christian Gaming Community Fleets--Faith, Fun, and Fellowship! See the website and PM for more. :-)
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