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01-11-2013, 01:08 AM
I could be more the fleet b'rel if it catered more to the design that it was in canon of shooting torpedoes while cloaked. I'm assuming though they do not have the tech needed to do what a lot of us who loved that ship in Star Trek 6: Undiscovered Country have. Even though it did get destroyed by two federation Starships it was still a great ship it was just the General in command was a bit too cocky LOL.

Without going into a rant and not explaining my views is you have 2 major issues why the KDF and the game as a whole doesn't like the Fleet B'rel. It will still carry its major weakness of fighting without any shields where any opponent in the game either npc or player has tractor beams, sensor scan, tachyon grid, charged particle burst, gravity well, emr to auxillary, antiproton sweep, and there are some others I may have forgotten but its way unabalanced and the only real hope is burning down a target with plasma or hoping to hit a 5% proc with the tier 4 omega passive. What it needs there is a function to balance the ship as in when it fires torpedos it has a red flash of the ship but doesn't actually decloak it because the way it works now even without all those skills I mentioned the sheer amount of times required to decloak to shoot torpedoes makes it where you do not even have to have any of those above mentioned skills to bring one down. The sad thing is that too as the KDF any time we try to get anything in the game we have all these people crying about that it wouldn't be fair but yet I am thinking of all the negative things vs any possible perk of using the b'rel and it becomes so limited everytime there becomes an advantage the whiners come out and then it goes and collects dust after its re-nerfed.