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01-11-2013, 01:50 AM
Originally Posted by mancom View Post
I think someone mentioned that there is a problem with its cooldown when combined with photonic officer and photonic doffs. You can push the cooldown down to 20s(?) or some other really low number.
The doffs are incredibly problematic, and one thing that you're going to see used in this tournament is PSW combined with both the cooldown reduction and aftershock doffs. It's too incredibly powerful not to use it. Even two people properly set up can more or less nullify all of the extends on the other team, and the stun is great at both breaking cadence and guaranteeing a kill versus a repulsed () target.

Detonators aggravate the problem, but are not the cause of it. The doffs are the cause, obviously, and the only rule that makes sense is to limit the doffs.

A certain group thinks they can have their cake and eat it too -- mass repulsors make a team relatively safe against PSW with a 5 km repulse being a rather good counter against a 3km AOE stun. Banning Detonators just means that you can't stun them, but they can stun you. This tactic is pure cheese, and while it won't work against Pandas it will make every other team (with the possible exception of TSI, now that they have read this) that comes across it have a very bad day.

It's also interesting that SS is banned. I doubt anyone can claim with a straight face that SS is still OP, but three or more copies of it is the best hard counter to the strategy I outlined above.

Like I said earlier, these rules should be about balance, not about artificially buffing uncreative playstyles that would otherwise be vulnerable or flawed. What we have right now isn't going to teach these new fleets we have joining up how to PvP, and it isn't going to give them an experience they'll want to return for.

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