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01-11-2013, 02:09 AM
Originally Posted by hiveman5 View Post
I just hope for STO's sake that Season 8 is much better then Season 7, which seems to be the season of fail, but that's perhaps not everyone's opinion.
Season 7 was a season of pain for the older veteran playerbase - refreshing for those who fully embrace PWE & the F2P model, along with the newcomers to the game.

The more seasoned crowd frowned upon season 7 with extreme prejudicism, since it introduce us to more grind and drove us to diversify our means of Dilithium acquisition.

I fear for season 8, yet at the same time looking at it as a possible bright spot, let me explain:

I have always loved the KDF side, more than I do the Federation. If season 8 means that the KDF will possiby be given its much deserved treatment, resulting in becoming a fully fledge Faction, than I am on board.

However; This is what I fear - I fear that it will also carry with it some of Season 7 mentality in the sense of Ultimate Grind.

Fed players will most likely whine & moan that the Federation may not be receiving a substantial amounts of changes in season 8 - Let the KDF have its due. - Nuff said