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01-11-2013, 02:51 AM
Originally Posted by ericphail View Post

I like the mirror recon sci also (was damn cheap on the exchange too )

and 4. Chel'Grett: D'oh how did I miss that, I'm flying one gorramit.
ROFL... yeeeeah... I figured it would be pretty obvious considering how many of the bloody buggers are zipping around, but you never know XD.

And I do find it amusing how little love the MURSV and RSV get, considering they have wonderful BOff layouts, and great console layouts too. But you should try out the regular RSV. It has a smaller crew, but it's turn rate and inertia are actually a little better. I have a FRSV, and holy ballz that thing is amazing. It's damage output and drain ability is great, even with BOffs setup to run a cruiser.

Anyways, I found another one I rather like:

Tactical: 3, 2
Engineering: 4, 1
Science: 2

Good luck guessing that one =P
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