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# 1 Good Dil making habits
01-11-2013, 03:30 AM
What's a good way to do it. I have 11 toons and I suppose I could make at least 1440x11=15840 a day, doing either Explore Strange New Worlds, or We need Breathing Room, very time consuming though, and I'd only to make, about 150, or 160 zen a day doing this.

Fleet actions seem to be the way to go, and ideally you'd want all your toons to be VA level 50 or the highest General Rank to get all of them. But, this would also take forever, I have one VA right now, and the highest ranking Alt I have is Lt Commander.

Can you recommend a good level I could get them to, say when he will have 3-4 fleet actions he can do? If I could get all my toons to have 3, I could alternate, work on another toon while the others are having their fleet action timers cool down.