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01-11-2013, 04:23 AM
The Adventure areas like Nukara and Defera generally offer Fleet Marks, the missions they have to play are generally team related.

these areas are most effective during the Fleet Mark Bonus event, but as these areas are becoming less interesting they are becoming less used.

Defera also offers special items and devices which tie in with the rather annoying R&D system, but the items you can craft are wroth it.
"I haven't been to Defera for a good while so my information isn't exactly up-to-date"

similar to Nukara and collecting Science Reports etc.. Defera has borg part pieces that when collected can create the items at the store/R&D area in the camp.

there is a fractal remodulator that is a good remodulator for those who aren't quite at a sufficient omega tier to get Omega/MACO/Honour Guard armours for there 3/3 set piece remodulator. besides from that I know there are weapons etc. but I am unfamiliar with the actual items that are there.

Nukara is generally just good for Fleet Marks, there isn't really anything useful besides getting the Tholian EV suit stuff. "not in game so I can't quote for quote name it"

all in all these adventure areas are best taken as team activities like STF's/Fleet Actions/PvP etc.

I hope this helps.

*P.S. I think that the zones have completely been made redundant, they can be useful but fewer players make it a place to grind, you'll probably remember Nukara when it was first released, players could do the missions over and over one after the other farming/grinding Fleet Marks, if Nukara had stayed that way I could imagine it would of kept its original appeal.*

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