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01-11-2013, 04:36 AM
Originally Posted by johnsteward View Post
Another problem is that lots of people jut dont do enough dmg to really help in completing the mission. I mean people doing like 500-1000 dps when I do 10k dps or more is just hopeless. With enough good other player you can compensate for that but in the end it would be nice to put some restrictions on the amount of dps someone should have before being allowed into elite stfs.
well yeah. though that low a dps (1000) is unusal. the avg low players are around 2-3k dps, which is atleast useful, fortunately the sub 2k group is not a big base of players.

also I just had a guy who dealt 900 dps while he did 1300 hps, which was amazing (though again, it was only useful because I took all aggro, and he was healing me, while I basically made up the dps loss from him, so its a pretty niche build, but it can work )