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Originally Posted by dma1986 View Post
Expect your profits to start dropping as more and more people read that and think "I'll do that as well".

If you think you've found a good way to make EC, sharing it with the entire world is a level of naievet? that almost borders on stupidity
Uh, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. At all.
I did that when I started out when I only had a couple of hundred thousand EC.
Buy 10 engines cheaply, sell to vendor - rinse - repeat.

It's not a very efficient way to earn EC, but it works.
Telling people won't change much about this since most people who know it don't do it because it's not that profitable and usually only a periodic income (once you sold all that makes a profit that was it for a while).

Back on topic:
< 50% on exchange? Vendor it.
> 50% on exchange? Put it on the Exchange.

Use the most restrictive market filters you can.
Set the Rarity, but delete the [dmg] [acc] stuff - so you can see general prices for the item at that rarity, altho certain boni will earn a premium.
Most Commons & Uncommons can go straight to the Vendor.
It's also true that value varies significantly with item type, rarity and Mk number:
Sometimes an Mk VI oder Mk VIII rare will be very valuable - while MK X is worthless (due to being more common and only used for 5 levels) - especially at higher rarities.
Even Mark numbers are always more valuable than 1 Mark lower; but Mk VI can also be more valuable than Mk VII.
One of the most significant pecularities is the high value of low-mark gear, compared to many Mk X or Mk XI items. This is so because most people are level 50 and those people tend to loot Mk X or higher: so it's in huge supply - while rare Mk VI weapons, for example, actually are fairly rare.

... just some basic rules.

Some also buy the whole supply of certain rare DOffs or items just to sell at vastly inflated prices.
Some of these people became incredibly (more) rich because of this - it's a fairly ballsy (****-)move that can make a profit big time, but could also result in some losses or no profit.

He's dead, Jim.

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