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I'm curious to know how many people out there use ground weapons *other* than pulsewaves. Yes, we know, pulsewaves are pretty nifty, but there's a lot of other options!

For everything that isn't borg, I roll with an auto-rifle and a compression pistol. These weapons have a similar sort of intermediate range, and complement eachother very well.

Auto-rifle: Medium-long range on the primary attack, very high rate of fire, with a cone expose attack that has no appreciable activation delay.

Compression pistol: Solid intermediate range weapon, very high rate of fire, its exploit does "most" (80%?) of the damage of a sniper rifle but the activation and recharge time is much faster.

So, typically run and gun with the auto rifle until somebody gets exposed then switch to my pistol and give them charged shot. The guns have similar DPS so there's no pressure to switch back once the exploit shot is taken, unlike a sniper rifle which has fairly low DPS. You can pull your sidearm for the exploit, and keep on shooting without hurting your damage output.

Your personal weapon choices?