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Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
When it comes to survivability you may have some problems on a tac captain if you still want to be able to deal sufficient amount of DPS.

The advice I can give you is that 3x D(H)C, 2x Turret and 1x KCB with only offensive abilities being TT1, CSV1 and EPtW1 is still more than enough for most PvE content. I'm flying such build on my Engineer, which I've made into shield tanker, crowd controller and team support (I use lt.cmdr. engineering boff on the universal slot and utilise only lt. tac for offense) and I can still solo Raptor spawns during CSE (which I've seen even some escort players aren't able to deal with for some reason). I'm also not using AUX Cannons nor any torpedos. I fly with weapon power maxed, which influences all of my energy weapons, and when I need something sci-ish, then RMC or an Aux Battery tends to be sufficient.

Personally I love the way this works, as it allows me to serve a specific role during team play (healer, support, tank) while still being able to deal more dps than your average science ship or even a cruiser (been flying various fed cruisers before and I never managed to deal as much dps as with the vesta). Similar offense layout will also work with a pure science build.

But for a Tac you might want to use the lt.cmdr. universal for a tactical boff. I fly my alt sci in such a way. The weapon layout is the same as above (3x cannons, 2x turrets and 1x kcb), but the overall dps is much higher thanks to another set of rapids/scatters, apb, tt1 and such. Science is still my "focus" in this case, especially the GW3, while I'm still able to survive alot thanks to HE3, TSS2, AuxSIF1, EPTS1 and ST1.

Also, you may want to spend some lobi on Tachyokinetic Converter, as it's a pretty good console for the Vesta, influencing most of the stats you'll probably be using (turn rate buff, crit buff and graviton gen buff for GW or TB).

I won't be posting the specific build and skill layout, but let's just say that with such focus as described above the Vesta has become one of my favourite ships in the game, if only for it's versatility. I got bored with standard scis, cruisers and escorts, wanting something more, and Vesta did provide, at least for PvE. You can perform almost every role with this ship - not perfectly as many others, but still good enough.
the approach is great. however you might wanna lose thte KCB. the power drain on the vesta is just not high enough to justify the loss the KCB means in dps. if it was able to subsystem target, I would definately support it tho