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01-11-2013, 07:21 AM
I change it up whenever I get bored with different weapons.

Assault Minigun + Split Beam: Laying down minigun fire and following up with a split beam attack yields wonderful results. I use this mainly in colony invasion along with fire team.

Dual Pistol + Sword: Works nicely for close encounters. Used mostly with operative for stealth attacks.

Blast Assault + High Density (both with knockback): Something I started using awhile back for support, mainly in The Cure ground.

Anti-Proton Carbine + Compression Pistol/Sniper: What I use against the Borg. Expose targets with carbine, finish with pistol or sniper depending on what's needed. Used with fire team or operative and full Omega set.

Are you surprised? Shocked? I don't use a pulsewave against the Borg! Trolololol! I started using this after seeing idiots with pulsewaves run up to Borg in STFs, thinking they're pro-l33t, only to be wiped out by tactical drones. I've yet to see anyone outside of my fleet use pulsewaves without getting killed...a lot.
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