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01-11-2013, 07:24 AM
Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
Bwuh? What loss in dps? KCB deals more dmg and has larger dps than a fleet turret with 4x rare energy type mk xi tactical consoles. Sure, it's mostly for hull dmg, but I find it to be an asset, not a drawback. Not only that, but I also gain the 2pc Adapted Omega set bonus. You might argue that it's a loss with constant use of rapids or scatters, but for other purposes it's a decent weapon to have, especially instead of a single turret.

Also, you might want to check Tribble Patch Notes - the KCB is getting a solid buff.
the KCB might get a buff. if it does, I will not argue. but atm it is not a big upgrade. the diff between my turrets and KCB is 50 DPS (so I am curious what is the "significant increase" from the KCBs part on tribble). now with buffs that is just non existent, and breaks synergy (yay for fancy words on the forum).

also it is just less versitality