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Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
I fully agree that Cryptic doesn't manipulate the market directly by injecting trades into it. However, they do control it quite a bit, because they control the scarcity and value of Dilithium for other purposes, which directly affects the supply of Dilithium for trade. They also control the value of Zen for other purposes. They also have some control over the scarcity of Zen, but they have never done anything that would reduce this, such as putting a cap on how much you can buy or transfer to STO, and they're not likely to ever do so.

If Dilithium is needed for character progression in an area in which a substantial portion of the playerbase have not finished progressing, that makes it more valuable. With no proportional increase in supply, that makes it scarce for Zen trading. That's a decision Cryptic made; they increased both the amount of Dil needed for character progression and the sources of getting more, but they increase the former far more than the latter.

I'm not saying Cryptic did anything wrong; expensive Dil benefits Cryptic more than cheap Dil, and the fact that people are still buying so much of it means Cryptic hasn't annoyed the paying customers into not paying. But it's disingenuous to say that Cryptic has no control over the market. They have tremendous control over it, they just don't DIRECTLY do so by injecting trades.
I'll agree they affect the economy a lot; economic conditions, supply, demand - they have at least some control about these factors - but that's not part of the Dilithium Exchange per se, but the larger economy.

The players response to Cryptics changes (to the economy) is what cause the exchange ratio to shift, but this does not mean Cryptic controls the dilithium exchange.

A bit of hair-splitting is necessary in this case.

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