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01-11-2013, 07:45 AM
To "fleet ships are better if you dont slot vesta specials" In many cases you are right, but you forget that the Vesta is the only science ship that can load DHC outside of the carriers. That alone has me flying her. If I wanted to use another weapon setup I would seriously consider a different ship. That said I do enjoy her special consoles, even if I find the Aux cannons too awkward for my purposes.

I haven't been to Tribble this round, but what I find on live is my KCB does more damage then a turret outside of CRF, and less damage inside. I'm still using mine, but I've been experimenting with the borg 3pc and its interaction with KCB... It's actually just about worth using the abominable borg shields for! Maybe I just like having burst attacks, but its great fun crusing in on something you want dead, popping an aux battery, and laying into it with the Quantum Focus Phaser and the Borg Tractor... Carnage!
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