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Originally Posted by fedman70 View Post
What level do they have to be to do those? Looks like those are part of a chain actually.

I've tried doing a few elites, people really need to know what they're doing, on Infected Manus, we've failed a few times, (doing a public STF) Kimberly killed us all and it sucks that if you all die you have to destroy the shield generator again, disable all the shields, upload the viruses, so I'm guessing this is why people drop out of it.
I'm not sure about the Empire Defense missions level requirement. They might scale to the players level.
They're at first available as a Tutorial (which is only one run with 480 dil reward or so) - the actual misison afterwards is three runs in each nebule (4 missions in total).
Each mission has a 20h cooldown.

In general I was assuming a level 50 character with decent gear (altho end-game gear is by no means necessary, just grab some Mk XII [dmg] uncommon weapons of the same damage type and corresponding tactical consoles).

In regards to elite STFs:
Ground is more difficult than space - or at the very least takes more time - so they're not a good choice to farm dilithium.
To do Elites people need some experience, but any somewhat decent dps loadout will do for space, so that's not very restrictive.

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