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01-11-2013, 08:52 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Was it a case that the DoT was actually being applied to the shields - or - that the DoT being applied to the hull was triggering resistance on the shields?

Shield X
Hull Y

Damage being done to Y, but stacking Resist on X.

That sort of thing...

So that not only was the damage from the weapon causing resists to stack, but the DoT that wasn't hitting the shields causing it stack faster...
It's possible it was being applied to the hull and triggering the resistance on the shields. But, I don't see how....the shield resistance should be kicking in when there's damage to the shields, not the hull.

We didn't really check to see where the damage was being applied. It was more of a comparison on the differences between the Elite shields and the MACO shields were.

If the DOT is being applied to the hull and just triggering a resistance on the shields, then that I think that is great. It means it's stacking against something that it can't do anything about, and stacking less resistance to my phasers.