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Originally Posted by keboid View Post
"I can play other games" IS the relevant thing regarding this. Anyone thinks it makes any customer happier to hear about "completely different pathing system"? That is the irrelevant stuff here i think. We can not do anything about those pathing systems, right? All we see its unplayable. I have done tracerouting, and nettest, why posting it, since its the same as with others, going trough some atlas servers signal gets high ms times. Can anyone do anything about that?
Unless the servers of your 'other games' are located in the same location as the STO Severs, the fact that you can connect to them is 'irrelevant' to the issue at hand...

The purpose of the 'Trace Route' and 'Net-Test' diagnostics is to provide clues on who is the responsible party for causing your lag. And this is important, as only the ISP can address this issue, and yelling at them to 'FIX IT' without a clue on what needs to be fixed isn't going to get you anywhere...

Cryptic/PWE has also stated in the TOS statement that they are not responsible for Internet infrastructure issues...
18. Interruption of Service

(b) You acknowledge that the Service may be interrupted for reasons beyond the control of PWE, and PWE cannot guarantee that you will be able to access the Services or your Account whenever you may wish to do so. PWE shall not be liable for any interruption of the Services, delay or failure to perform resulting from any causes whatsoever.

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