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Originally Posted by fedman70 View Post
What level do they have to be to do those? Looks like those are part of a chain actually.

I've tried doing a few elites, people really need to know what they're doing, on Infected Manus, we've failed a few times, (doing a public STF) Kimberly killed us all and it sucks that if you all die you have to destroy the shield generator again, disable all the shields, upload the viruses, so I'm guessing this is why people drop out of it.

Infected space is probly the easiest. A good sci ship can insure the optional with all but the most beligerant pugs. If all goes well, you just add some dps and debuffs. If things go south you turn and TBR, GW, EWP if you have it... turn and help blast the transformer. 9 times out of 10 you can turn an disaster into a completed optional. Sometimes you get a whole group of skittle-shooters that goes and pops generators on both sides or some sillyness... but that level of fail is actually pretty rare. Usually its only one person who slips up and hits a generator too hard or just doesn't understand the flow yet.

Run is under 15 minutes. Elite STF reward dill + turning in the marks for dill + BNP turn ins... you have the characters to run it over and over and over and never hit a cooldown.
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