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01-11-2013, 10:17 AM
Just some advice:

1-) You can easily send contraband from your KDF to your FED using the account bank. Those bank slots can be accessed by any character on the same account.

2-) As cmdrscarlet answered to you, just don't do it on your 11 tons. It will stop being a game and will become a job. It will not be any fun and will wear you out.

That's what I usually do:

On my KDF I run the Pi Canis Alpha and Beta patrol missions (960 dil each) and the Path of the Warrior (2400 dil). You complete Path by doing the optional on all missions of Pi Canis Alpha and Beta which is not difficult at all. It takes some 45 minutes and you get 4320 dil.

Than, investigate officer reports (50 fleet marks besides the dil). You can run it before and after the missions above and some 2 STF more and you dil cap is done.

Just dont turn the game into a job. Have fun!
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