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01-11-2013, 10:44 AM
I got a somewhat useful Experimental Anti-Borg Device (non consumable) on Defera back when it was time gated. It provides some hilarity in STFs shrinking the mobs and bosses. I also made a few million selling fractal remodulators when I could.
A fractal remodulator is useful if you are using elite fleet gear instead of the STF sets and you occasionaly fight the Borg in starbase incursion for example.

Other than the accolades and the vague hope that they have somehow improved I have nothing to return for.

Nukara Prime, I overplayed whilst testing on tribble, so I completed the missions on Holodeck once or twice for good measure. Again other than some accolades I have little to return for, the 3 piece set (which I cheated and bought off the exchange) is now MK 12 and sits in my bank gathering dust unworthy of even gracing a boff. I think it got a brief use for the Romulan Missions, but even then it was brief.

These new ground adventure zones are getting bigger and somewhat improving but other than grind they don't give you a lot to come back for.