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01-11-2013, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post
Set my heghta up,

Fore - 2 dhc, quantum torp, dual beam bank

Aft - turret, breen cluster torp

tac - tt1, high yield2, crf2, APB3 - soon to be - tt1, crf1, high yield3, apo3

Tac - tt1, BO2, APO1 - soon to be - tt1, apb1, BO3

Sci - he1, TSS2

Eng - epts, rotate shield

I'm going to buy a respec token tomorrow as when I built my tac u wasn't a fan or torpedos at the time so when I respec my tac will have bo3 and high yield 3 and apo3 and I'm maybe toyin with a tractor beam in there somewhere

I'm toying with the idea of buying a fleet norgh

This is mainly pvp use when there finally is enough people in the que to play however it does do well enough in ESTF's due to the sheer dmg output of the bop

Can any norgh users tell me if it is usable in ESTF's just with that hull?

Any recommendations are welcome or criticisms
I run mine in CSE and KSE all the time. Something you need to take into account though-sometimes the Cubes will 'wake up' and trigger their drain/tractor/torpedo attack just because you decloaked in CSE, so if you want the Optional, I'd suggest finding four friends who're decent players and can work together-and running it either team, or Private.

Because it's REALLY EASY to do enough DPS compared to your average Puggy, that your BoP will draw all the aggro and die.
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