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01-11-2013, 10:55 AM
1-) You can easily send contraband from your KDF to your FED using the account bank. Those bank slots can be accessed by any character on the same account.
This came to mind after I asked, but thanks.

2-) As cmdrscarlet answered to you, just don't do it on your 11 tons. It will stop being a game and will become a job. It will not be any fun and will wear you out.
Well, if I want to make some decent Zen, I obviously need decent dilithium. Since, that's the only way to earn it free, outside of the free offers from peanut labs. I'm wondering with these people with hundreds of thousands of Zen how long it took them to get it all, assuming that they didn't pay any real money for it. Does anyone, say make---1000 Zen a day from dil?

And, yes I'm glad I see I'm not the only one who doesn't like to do Explore Strange New Worlds/WNBR 11 times in a row (I actually haven't done that, but could) but I do like the Dilithium, but it looks like there are better, shorter ways to do it.

Maybe it will be more of a grind to get my toons up to General 50, or VA 50. Currently I have one VA toon. Good thing it's easier to get a KDF toon to 50, since they start at Commander. I'm tempted to make more KDF characters (maybe Delete some FEDS and replace them with them.)

Just dont turn the game into a job. Have fun!
Well, I wouldn't mind "working" say if I, MYSELF could sell Zen for real money, like how Diablo 3 let's you sell virtual items for real money, PE has the monopoly on that unfortunately.