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Originally Posted by canis36 View Post
There is a Dev Blog here in which this was explained quite nicely.
after nosing through it myself this paragraph really grabs me as unklingon :/

"By supporting the new Romulan colony, we conquer one of our greatest foes without a single blow. We gain their friendship, and later perhaps their loyalty. We solidify our relationship with the Remans. And we still retain the chance for combat and glory ? the Romulans are not in a position to fight their own battles. They will need our ships to defend them from the Tal Shiar and the Tholians."

Get rid of a foe without fighting it? we are KLINGONS not the federation.

Friendship? ick.

As for fight THIER battles for them, that sounds like a bodyguard or a fighting mad hirogen.. klingons are more about 'you will give us what we want or we'll fight, not for you, but against you'

I dunno, just my interpretation on the Klingons, and if memory serves the 'trailer' to the game states the current klingon leader is pulling a gowron and trying to expand the empire, not coddle romulans blithering on about the events of praxis seen in 'an undiscovered country' >.<

Frankly the klingon writier of this document should be executed as an undine inflitator >_<
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