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01-11-2013, 12:05 PM
I wanted a pure tanking ship, with a focus on engineering and auxiliary powers. That's why I gave it a commander engineer and a commander science BO. The sensor analysis and Class 4 Probe (which grants advanced sensor analysis) work together to overcome the limitation of 1 tactical console. If it fights for any length of time, its damage will build up as it gains sensor analysis stacks.

It's a little bit different. Instead of being a flimsy ship with a high alpha like an escort this is a tanky ship that builds up damage over time.

But I could trade the fifth engineering console for a second tac console, sure. If that's what it takes to get it into the game.

Oh and thank you! I know my chicken scratching can't compare to anyone who has taken an art class, though. I wanted my ship to look different so I gave it an over/under nacelle design and a sensor pod which should hopefully differentiate it from most of the other ships in the Star Trek universe.