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01-11-2013, 11:09 AM
Originally Posted by stulpnagel View Post
Thank you both. Yeah now im trying with 3 beams and a spread torp III fore and aft, seems quite good but maybe im not getting right with the consoles couse my damage against spheres isnt quite much enough yet. I use 2 disruptor ind coils, a photon deton. assembly and the supspace snare....what u think?
Going 4x Disruptor Coils instead would greatly help your DPS. Two Piece KHG space set gives +25% Torp damage, if you have that kicking around or are T5 in Omega Rep (not much sense in getting less than MK XII, unless you can't run Elites at all), so you can use that to buff your torps.

You'll likely need to post your full setup and skills to be able to see if a respec is in order.