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01-11-2013, 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by mrgrocer56 View Post
Immediate difference is turn rate and inertia. I agree, on paper it doesn't look like much of a difference. I have both and the FER just "feels" better to me. I also freely admit that it is just that, a feeling, and others may feel differently. Keeping the FER a hidden gem would be fine with me

I like to use my FPE in pve, it rocks. The most likely explanation for my feeling is that my main is a bug driver and the FER provides a very similar feel while flying. Regardless, the FPE is also a fine fine vessel!
That all sounds perfectly cromulent, thanks for taking the time. Small point of curiosity, if you buy the FER, does it come with the Gladius skin, or does that require the purchase of the lower-tier Refit? I find the G to be the best-looking ship of the class.

Have a good one!