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01-11-2013, 12:17 PM
Originally Posted by fedman70 View Post
Does anyone, say make---1000 Zen a day from dil?
It's easy and rather reliable to earn 1 dilithium per dil - zen - dil transaction. 2 or 3 dilithium are possible in the very short term - more in the (speculative realm of the) longterm.
So, at the current rate, to earn one zen you need a turnover of about ~30-90 zen.
Let's assume 50 (which might be optimistic but easy on the math).

I don't know how much turnover conceivably is possible per day in total (you'd have to ask a bulk-trader, and he might be reluctant to part with that information), but 10.000 zen traded by one person in a day wouldn't seem unusual (judging by ordinary "stack sizes").

10.000 / 50 = 200 Zen. So it would take a turnover of 50.000 Zen to earn 1000 Zen, according to this hypothesis.
I'm unsure whether this can be achieved reliably, but it's not impossible.

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