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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
Did you.. change anything in my post? I.. just wonder because I see no difference.
The changes are in the quote?

Sorry, yes, this post is kinda off-topic. But it's your fault really. [FIXED]
I just want to know if I actually did anything wrong myself because it's not quite clear.

Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Elitist: Thinks they are in some way superior to others when infact they are not. Typically lack game mastery knowledge, skilled play, and/or social skills. They are the ones to scream and shout when someone messes up their 'plan'. I love calling these people out when I'm in a grumpy mood.
You should put that "elitists" into quotes like I did, because what you're talking about (and I was referring to) isn't actually what an elitist is.
Actual elitism is based on (perceived) merit combined with an "exclusive" attitude.

He's dead, Jim.

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