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01-11-2013, 12:15 PM
Haha, Finally!

Compared it with the actual Ambassodor model used and from that picture it looks incredibily accurate.

Though got to wonder if we will be seeing the variable differences with the Ambassador such as the refit pieces, like the cap on the Deflector dish? And what's the word on the Probert Ambassador Prototype?

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it FINALLY exists! and its missing a forward torp launcher....
Afraid it isn't. I compared the screenshot with the actual Enterprise-C model and that never shown the torpedo launcher. Only thing I would say would be flawed is some indentations in the leading edge of the pylon.

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Desktop Background...

Nuff said.

(can't wait! ... squeeee!!)
This has been my desktop for a while now: Ships of the Line Calander June 2012