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01-11-2013, 01:26 PM
I'm happy that once this is released I will no longer have to see constant threads pop asking for it.

Originally Posted by captiandata1 View Post
star trek online cryptic/perfect world it is cool to see a screen shot of the ingame ambassador class starship the USS ENTERPISE NCC-1701-C
overall very good.
a few things to plaeast take not of.

1# the foward tropedeo launcher seen to be missing in game photo.

2# could their be an opition the have a cleaner saucer with fewer hall markings like that showed up in yesterday's enterprise.

3# what are the chances of releasing at some point in time different varients of the ambassador class like the slightly shorter yamugchi/zhulcov refit. the andrew probert ambassador class.

4# i hope the the ambassador class will with a useful officer set up that i more balanced between the enginenerring and both tactial and science. cause a cruiser with 3 engineneer boffs feel not too useful.

5# i hope that there will be a neat console to use. a suggestion might be a universal cruiser console that would be like unlinited fire at will, have a minute cool down once deactivated and can go on any cruiser.

Maybe I'm wrong about those ambassador threads...