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Originally Posted by mvaiks View Post
The Dilithium exchange is player driven, there is no doubt about it but not the supply and demand.

Supply and demand of dilithium is driven by Criptic. It doesn't mater if there is more dil ore available today than before S7 because the same CAP persists. If you can only refine 8000 a day and all fleet, reputation, dil store items cost dilithium than the market as a whole is not player driven.

A lot of items became more expansive dilithium wise, all new items offered on the fleet and reputation systems cost a lot of dilithium and that was not the reality before.

Before the new system we had the store on DS9 that was the only place to get the best gear. The gear used to cost EDC, rare and prototype salvage and tech only and you could keep the dil. Now those items cost dilithium also.

So, what Criptic did was remove your ability to get top gear in a timely fashion and replaced it with a cruel dilithium grind. Before, when you ran a STF on Elite you got 1 or 2 EDC, 1440 dil, some rare or very rare salvage and maybe a tech. That salvage could be traded by a MK XI or MK XII very rare weapon. A full borg set used to cost 15 EDC (5 EDC a piece).

Now, a MK XII weapon from the rep store costs almost 30k dil (3.75 days of ref. cap). A MK XII borg set costs 97.500 dil (more than 12 days of ref. cap), 2700 Omega Marks (almost 30 elite STFs with optional) and 15 BNPs.

That is the same as if a say to you: Your monthly salary will remain 10.000 dollars but this car's cost will go from 20.000 to 200.000 dollars starting tomorrow, and I'm the only car dealer in the world. Have a nice day!
This is the best explanation I've read.

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