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01-11-2013, 12:47 PM
I have to agree that it is getting tiresome whenever I change ships or re-assign Boffs my action bars get completely scrambled. It will remember locations for Boff and captain skills from ship to ship if you don't change anything, but change one Boff and the whole action bar gets scrambled not just that one Boffs skills, it would be better if there was no automatic linking and sorting happening in the trays, and new skill placement gets prioritized to visible trays.
I never use the mode 4 action bar because it doesn't create another bar, but just turns off weapons and boff windows and I dislike not being able to change the layout and orientation of the bars. Devices should have their own mini bar rather than taking up already limited action bar space.

Hopefully when they give us this new ui being mentioned in various dev blogs these problems will be resolved, but I'm not holding my breath.