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The art team did extensive research on the base model of the Enterprise-C, including looking at official IP sources. The images they saw did not have escape pods on the underside of the saucer (and *I* don't think there is a torpedo launcher, either, as Azurian pointed out). If there are any canon resources out there that have these two features, post them in this thread and I will pass them along


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if that really is the final product, we are looking at a modeling double standard. other then the shape, the original steamrunner filming model is so low quality not much other then color and shaped can be gleamed from it, yet the model in game is very high detail, with artist interpritation. the ambassador filming model was built in a hurry and was never meant to have lots of close inspection shots of it, so its was built to a lesser level of detail then the main hero ships. in this case, obvious details were left out for no other reason then the low quality filming model didn't have them. why would you leave out some of the most basic details, just because a low quality filming model lacked them, in this case but not others?

the second rebuilt Yamaguchi model had a bit more detail, and was clearly a refit over the original. its also what modern ambassador class in the 2360s looked like. the Enterprise C look is the older, original look.

torp launchers, and escape pod placement on the bottom of the saucer are my only real complaints, i would really like the Yamaguchi style components too though. but really, no torp launchers? right above the deflector on the neck, and below the impulse engine is were the fore and aft should be. since these ship models do little else other then shoot weapons, how could it be chosen not to place viable torp launchers? i thought CBS said weapons had to come from some kind of port, and not just from nothing.
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