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Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
Bat'leth - but y'know - the real Bat'leths, not the Nano ones I'm seeing a lot in ground STFs at the moment *sigh*

Note to those using Nano-melee weapons - you use a melee weapon because it bypasses the shields - Nano-Pulse weapons *don't*
If your team is shooting at your target, it doesn't matter. The shields will drop before the target dies either way.

My faves:
Various melee weapons, I use Nanos a lot but also tholian crystal and a few others
Full auto, primary fire is range 30, secondary is less, They have DPS almost as high as a pulsewave and are a very versatile weapon. Works quite well paired with melee.
I sometimes use sniper rifles

I can haz joystick!
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