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01-11-2013, 02:44 PM
seeing as this doesn't post on the linked article.. I'll just ask here.

With the klingons so lacking in content, or other concerns like changing species... why not simply unlock TR:Unrestricted or make species traits buyable (or C-Storeable) and respec everything based on customization?

The only theoretical answer is so that players will make multiple characters, however, Making it impossible for one player to acquire items as well as the absurd amount of Bind-to-character items that have been showing up kills that concept entirely.

...that said, there's absolutely NO reason why you'd restrict costume content (even such as maco or omegaforce) within the foundry. While a gorn head with tholian legs might not match up visually, KDF and FED parts are certainly interchangeable, as are Maco, HG, OF, and Off Duty outfits. All the different heads (Saurian, Gorn) obviously work on all bodies... so this seems rather silly.