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# 13 Regarding Species Respecs
01-11-2013, 01:50 PM
Here's my take:

Introduce rep-style projects, accessible at the Drozana transporter room at a special Ferengi NPC who is a transporter accident researcher:

Corrupted Pattern Buffer Log: Personal (Species) (Gender)

Corrupted Pattern Buffer Log: Bridge Officer (Species) (Gender)

These generate an item which is redeemable for a special bridge officer or species respec that is one quality level above the inputs.

The project requires something like: Two BOs, 25k dilithium, 50k in commodities.

Combine two purple Vulcan BOs? Get an Elite Quality Vulcan BO. Combine two blues for a purple. Combine two greens for a blue. Combine two whites for a green. Ala the DOff grinder.

The reverse also works to split BOs out, again like the DOff grinder.

A Corrupted Pattern Buffer Log: Personal project (aka species/gender respec) requires two Elite BOs of a species, 100k dilithium, and 500k in commodities.

What this does is mean that you can only respec to species you can get four purple BOs of. This is how you disqualify androids/Borg. Because you can only get one at a time of each. (You could get playable Fed/KDF Romulan this way. And BO/Marauding species respec options could open up if you added KDF Ferengi/Fed Gorn etc. BOs to other commendation categories, fleshing out their rewards. And if somebody wants a Jem'Hadar or Breen, you'd need to add three more places to get purple Jem'Hadar or Breen BOs.)

This creates a BOff sink as BOs are, generally, getting way too cheap relative to other items of similar value.

Additionally, you could add special Corrupted Pattern Buffers via DOff assignments, reputation, DOff packs, and lockboxes. For example: a Bynars ground grand prize lockbox awards a Corrupted Pattern Buffer: Personal (Bynars) which changes your character into a pair of Bynars. Meanwhile, you offer Bynars bridge officers as more common rewards which can be upgraded in quality to provide a Corrupted Pattern Buffer: Personal (Bynars).

Corrupted Pattern Buffers could also provide hybrid BOs and hybrid species respecs. For example, half-Romulan, half-human BOs with inputs requiring half of one and half of the other.

The whole thing is vaguely dark from a roleplay perspective but you could have the Ferengi and supporting text address this somewhat so that the Captain doesn't know the outcome even if the PLAYER does.