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Ok, I am feeling kinda sorta postive hopefull.. Not quite what I wanted to see, but it'll do.

so, anniversery celebration will bring a new t-3 and t-5 KDF ship (really kinda hoping for some sort of light battlecruiser/Raptor sci oriented Klingon, not allied ship here..)

Dan mentioned having some more part/skins for existing vessles though KDF was not mentioned. On the other hand the majority of KDF ships only have a single skin, not to mention our KDF allied ships. I'll just cross my fingers on that, but not really expecting anything.

Stahl specificly said that there will be KDF specific content. Just have to wait to see what that is.. but he almost sounded excited about it..But, he always sound excited about it. Its what he's paid for.

Mention of some costumes for non klingons..hopefully there is more then that. If I rcall correctly only the Nausicans have no "recial" uniforms.. but we definatly need more uniforn, and non uniform options across the board. Time will tell.

A couple hints of some more ships coming.. have to wait and see.

I'll keep my eyes on the tweets and pass any links if I spot anything.

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