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Q: (timjerrom) Now im personaly not a fan of flying round a box where you just get the same old missions over and over again of having to scan 5 anomolies and warp out, blow 5 sets of hostile vessels up, beam to a station/planet kill 5 sets of hostiles. Its not Trek! Where are the ailens that you talk too to sort the situation out or just the ailens that you don't have to kill full stop? Also where is the exploration to seek out new life and to boldly go where no one has gone before?

Dstahl: We?ve poured significant resources into creating procedurally generated random space encounters and, unfortunately, they never quite feel like the Trek you are talking about. This is why we created the Foundry, so that players could author missions that are much more genuine and offer something new. The next step will be to marry the Foundry to a solid Exploration concept where you can be rewarded for exploring new sectors of randomly (but player created) strange new worlds. That is the basis of what we want to do with Exploration in the future
All well and good, but what about if a Foundry Author wants to revisit a world he's created and give players another reason to go back? Or base a series arc of missions around that one planet?

Please take that into consideration when you build out this feature.
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